Sunday, November 11, 2018

New 18 Inch Parrot Mini Quilt!

I recently designed this 18-inch Mini Quilt Pattern for a family member who loves Eclectus Parrots. It is based on George - a larger than life pet who talked (when it suited him) and enjoyed spending time riding around on people's shoulders.

The 18 Inch Pattern was a lot of fun to design and even more fun to sew. In addition to raiding my stash for a few scraps for his flashy colourful wings, I also purchased some new fabrics, including Bear Essentials Berries from Spotlight for the cream background (I also already had some of this in Blue in my stash, along with the Marble Texture, which I used in the wings) and Some beautiful quality greens, Including Sketch Basic by Timeless Treasures for the body from my local Bernina Store, and some other blenders from Spotlight. 

Most of the quilting was stitched in the ditch. I did have fanciful ideas of doing some free motion lines on the log to make it look more like a tree branch, but chickened out in the end, fearing that my sub-par free-motion skills might just ruin the whole project.

I also made some fabric loops at the back for a piece of dowel to slide through allowing the quilt to hang nice and straight on the wall when it reaches it's intended recipient. Hopefully, they will like it as much as I enjoyed making it! 

This Pattern is available in the Craftsy and Etsy Stores now if you would like to make your own.

Happy Piecing!

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