Sunday, January 6, 2019

Over the Holidays

I've been on a bit of a forced holiday. My sewing room currently doubles as our spare room and we have had visitors for the past two weeks - and it has been lovely. My son has loved having his Aunties, Uncles, and Grandad to play with and it has been a very busy time.
However, it's also left me itching to get my space back! I thought I'd show you a very rare photo of my workspace all tidied up (it usually looks like a tornado has hit it) before I get back in there and mess it up again!
Unfortunately, I fear that I may need to replace my precious fabric scissors, as I noticed that they were used for cutting open moisturizer bottles by a very frugal relative, who may not quite understand how precious sewers can be about their scissors and much they cost to replace!

Anyway - Happy New year Everyone! I'm off to mess up that room!

Happy Piecing!

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