Saturday, March 9, 2019

Lion Brave is available!

He's all finished! You can now purchase your own copy of the Lion Brave Pattern from the Etsy Store and the Payhip Store.

 I love how amazing he looks, I have nicknamed mine Leo, and I think he is my favourite creation thus far! This stunning quilt is being donated to the local Lion's club in the near future and will be auctioned for a good cause but for now, I have him laid out in my sewing room because I just love looking at him!

I'd like to thank Sandra at Wise Owl Quilting for stitching him on her long arm. He was stitched edge to edge in a pattern called 'Hot Rod'.

Thanks also, to my lovely Pattern Testers, especially Melissa Latter who provided some fantastic feedback on the pattern and ways to make it easier for you!

The Lion Brave Pattern is available here and is on sale until the end of March 2019!

Happy Piecing!


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