Thursday, April 4, 2019

Perfect Easter Quilt Block! Kerry from Sew-Ichigo tells us about their Hatching Chick Pattern!

Hi, I'm Kerry and RJ kindly invited me to write a guest post for Kohatu Patterns - I love it when the quilting community reaches out like that!

I co-run a foundation paper piecing pattern company called Sew-Ichigo with Penny.  We met as sewing bloggers back in the days of Flickr groups and were drawn together through a mutual love of paper piecing and retro kitchenware!  Penny is based in the USA and I am in the UK and we started Sew-Ichigo in 2012 focusing on graphic, quirky, cute designs.  We sell our PDFs on Payhip and Etsy and we're currently working on updating all our patterns including this Hatching Chick, a quick FPP sew in three sections, perfect for Easter!

This block has some simple embroidery to create the chick's eyes and here are some of my top tips...
Firstly, leave the paper pattern in place, it helps with placement.  Next, take a double thread of embroidery floss- I 've used Aurifil 12wt.  Thread the two ends through the eye of the needle and leave the loop at the end of the thread.

Next, push the point of the needle from the right side to the wrong side through the centre of the eye- don't pull the loop through, hold it on the right side.  

Now push the needle tip through the eye to the right side- just a small space from where you first came up  (there should be a small stitch on the wrong side).  Pass the tip of the needle through the loop- this anchors the thread in place without a knot on the back!

With your thread firmly in place, make your embroidery knot.  I used a Colonial knot but a French Knot would work too. 

One eye is complete.  Your thread is now on the wrong side.  You could take your thread over to work the other eye, but this will leave some dark thread floating on the back which may show through your fabric.  To avoid this, I worked each eye separately and tidied the thread ends away.  The easiest way to do this is to pass the needle through to the beak seam allowance (orange fabric below) as this has other layers underneath it and the black won't show on the right side.   Repeat for the other eye. 

Thank you for the invitation RJ! 

You can find Kerry and Penny on Instagram @sewichigo, @verykerryberry, @sewtakeahike and find lots of tips and tricks for FPP at the Sew-ichigo blog.  

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