Thursday, April 11, 2019

When it's not a quilt pattern... it's still art.

This post is something a bit different, and not so much about quilting, as it is about my artistic process...

Like a lot of Quilters and Artists, I have a million designs and ideas running through my head every moment of the day (and at night they permeate my dreams) and it can be the oddest things that inspire me. That's why you might often find me doodling with a crayon, pen or pencil or taking photos. Where do most of these end up?
Obviously some of them become quilt patterns, however, the majority end up in the trash. One of my big problems is that not everything works the way I want it to for a quilt pattern.  But recently I have drawn some things that are too cool for the trash and too complex for a quilt pattern.

When I designed Lion Brave, for example, I looked at it and thought he was just too complex for a quilt - Until I decided to scale him up to the large block size.

That's why I also have a Society 6 store. There's not much in it as yet - but you will find I add a new design every now and then. Some of them may eventually become a quilt pattern (like the Lion Brave) Others are destined to be solely available as Artwork. 

My Butterfly Garden design is one of these. I drew it and then looked at it closely and decided it was just too complex for a Quilt Pattern. So instead it's now in my Society 6 Store on a number of products including wall art, mugs, and stationery, but one of my favourites is definitely this tote bag:

There are so many other talented artists at Society 6, and you can get so many different products, like mugs, stationeryart work, backpacks, home decor etc. It's really worth a look. 

Happy Piecing!


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