Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Paper Pieced Goat Pattern for the Farm Animal Quilt Along.

During May for the Farm Animal Quilt Along the animal was a Goat. There were some awesome looking goats created, from colourful and bold to just damn cute. The pattern for the goat had two options, one was a simpler version that featured just a close- up of the Goat's Face, while the other version was more complex with some smaller pieces and more templates, but showed the whole goat.

I have to say my favourite version was this version by Marie Sheppard. I love the bold colours she used to make her goat. He is just so Funky!

My own goat has a bit of a problem with his eyes. I think next time I will stick to a solid colour instead of the black and white fabric I used, but apart from that he is quite handsome.

I really liked this version by Donna, who placed her goat in amongst some flowers. I'm sure he was happy to be munching away on them!

Julia has decided that she is going to make each of her animals in a different colour of the rainbow. Her goat looks fabulous in green, and the spotted horns make him quite special.

Mellissa's goat also looked very handsome in some neutral tones!

We are currently working on some cows for our quilts and I cant wait to show you some of them soon - There are some quite strikingly beautiful cows made already!

The Goat Pattern is available in my Etsy store. I hope you join us in making your own Farm Animal Quilt!

Happy Piecing!


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