Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Work in Progress Project - Chapter Five: It's the progress that counts!

I haven't finished anything this week, but it is called The Work in Progress Project -  and I have made progress.

I have started to quilt my Shape-O Quilt. One of the things I realised was I was nervous about quilting it, mostly because I didn't have a clear plan. This is a really cute baby quilt pattern and I didn;t want to ruin it with my very average quilting skills!

I ended up deciding to make a small square on a slight angle and just work my way out from there so it will be a continuous square - well kind of anyway. I haven't used rulers or a walking foot. so my spacing is going to be slightly uneven and in some places it bows a bit - but I'm really liking how it is looking so far and think I will use this method of quilting again. I can't wait to show you once it's finished!

I have made another flower block for my Grandmother's Garden Lap Quilt and I have printed out the templates for my next two - yep that's right I'm making three of these Daffodil blocks - Remember how I said I had a plan for my Orphan Iris Block?

I discovered that I also had an extra Bird of Paradise block already made, which got me thinking I could combine them and make a cushion which could not match completely with my quilt, but I think it will still look nice and tie in well.

That's it for now - still making progress!

Make sure you let me know how your own WIPs are going - you can also use #theworkinprogressproject on Instagram to let me know how you are doing!

Happy Piecing!

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