Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Quilty Bucket List and an addiction to making quilts.

What’s on your quilting bucket list?
One of the issues I’m finding while I’m trying to reduce the number of WIPs I have is that there are so many other quilts I want to make and there is constant temptation to start another project. I’m guilty of trawling through Instagram, drooling over all the pretty quilts other people have made, wishing I had time to make them all myself. At some point, I have to set a limit. So I’ve created my Quilty bucket list and thought I would share some of the projects on it with you:

I really want to make a smaller version of Lady in Red by my friend Nessie 505. This pattern is so original and there is no other quite like it. In fact, I have my fabrics picked out already and I think this quilt will look awesome in some Tula Pink fabrics.

Next on my bucket list is Distractions by Blossom Heart Quilts. This pattern is in Issue 16 of Make Modern Magazine and I think it would be great for using up some of the scraps in my stash. Plus this is a cushion size so a nice small project which I might be able to do in a day or two.

It’s not glamorous but here’s a picture of my scrap pile and, yep, that’s a nappy box I’m keeping them in (I’m a great recycler). 

I have a plan to use some of these with another scrap busting pattern that I want to try is Girls Best Friend by Gray Barn Designs from Issue 29 of Make Modern Magazine

Plus I really want to make some Candy Cats by Unicorn Harts! They are so cute and I think it would make such a cute quilt for a baby.

Of course, then I dream up my own designs, as well as the several others I have spinning around in my head that I would love to make for family and friends. I guess this is how you know you are addicted to quilting - because this is what I think about all of the time!

I know I will eventually get to make all of these quilts and many of the others that are on my bucket list probably more, plus this list will probably change and grow over time. But when I look through those Instagram photos drooling and read all the comments, I notice that I’m not the only one with a Quilty bucket list. So, I’m curious - what’s on your list? 

Happy Piecing!

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