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Why Kohatu? 

I’m RJ, I am a sewer, quilter and quilt pattern designer based in New Zealand. I love Foundation Paper Piecing as well as other methods. Primarily I love creating quilts that will be loved and used. 

Kohatu is a place in the top of the South Island. You know what is there? A cafe (it used to be a pub) and a farm. There is nothing else there. Most of the time, it doesn’t even register on a map. But I grew up on that farm and that’s where I first learned to sew. I was taught by my grandmother (she owned the farm next door) on her Bernina Record 530-2 which was first purchased in the early 1960s. Given I felt a strong connection between my sewing, and where I grew up, I felt Kohatu Quilt and Patterns was an appropriate name.

Things I love:

My sewing machine: 

My Grandmothers’ Bernina has survived sewing and mending clothes for my grandmother, her 6 children and 20+ grandchildren and now this machine belongs to me and I still use it on a daily basis to sew quilts, bags, and clothes for my son. This Sewing Machine is a real testament to the quality of Bernina Sewing Machines.

 It’s still in the completely original condition even has the original knee pedal! I have my eye on either a Bernina 570QE or a Husqvarna 965Q (tough choice right?) for when this machine sews its last stitch, but don’t tell my husband - he says we could buy a small car for the same price! 

It's a Limited Edition. Enough Said. 

Foundation Paper Piecing 
When I first started quilting, It was basic squares and rows. I always looked at complex patterns and thought they looked too difficult for me. Then I started watching YouTube videos and realised that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. When I couldn't find tractors and diggers and trucks for a quilt I wanted to make -  I designed my own!

This farm tractor pattern is the first design I ever created and is still one of my favourites today! I have also taught myself to do appliqué since then and love learning new quilting skills. I strongly believe you learn something new from every quilt you make and you have to be brave and push outside your comfort zone sometimes! 

All kinds of fabric... seriously I will use anything I have on hand, but I especially like Bounce by Allison Harris, Funky Flowers by Little Quack Fabric, Pinkerville by Tula Pink

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